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Re: Various Comments

Jan 10, 1995 07:09 PM
by LieselFD

Various comments back

Jerry writes "mystical experience should give us a far better
appreciation of our material world".  I'd go a step further & say
it should be applied to our living in the material world.  To me
learning or any kind of an experience is pretty useless, unless
you can apply it somewhere in the material world to make things
better, whatever things ...  including yourself.

Jerry writes "As we ascend the planes, we will soon leave
rationalism & logic far behind." I would say rationalism & logic
as we know it.  If we believe in a universe of Law, as we do, it
stands to reason that there will still be logic, but not the same
kind of logic, I imagine it to be that just as dreams have their
own logic, which doesn't necessarily correspond to the waking
logic.  I think that's the way it must be in the higher realms
...  logical to themselves, but different from our everyday

Jerry writes re the ES "Long felt that this ancient way of
teaching was no longer applicable today, & that it only lent
itself to feelings of division.  (Those in the ES were a step
above the others ...) I agree.  I often get the impression that
ESers think they know more than people who're not in the ES.  I
also feel that being in the ES from not being in the ES is
divisive.  There's a certain lack of communion & communicationg
between the inners & the outers.  I see that you found yourself
other teachers.  I did too & I think I learned just as much.
Besides, I believe with Serge King that in today's world we need
as many spiritually aware & schooled people as we can get..  I
once had an employe who could only work as a porter or a
dishwasher.  He was a spirtual man, & I tried to teach him
whatever came up that I thought he could absorb.  Well, he did,
and hopefully he used it..

Jerry writes "Put theosophical perspectives into the plain
English of today." I'm with you, Jerry, for a long time already.
I can't see why it's necessary to express something in an unknown
tongue, when it would be easier, especially for learners, to get
to know the same concepts with English names.  It often takes
strict attention & etc.  to comprehend the concepts without also
having to learn an non-English name.  Then too the concepts often
have a few different names.  I seem to remember that there were
40 some names for the Agnishwattas, the Lords who brought us


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