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Re: The Future

Jan 06, 1995 06:41 PM
by LieselFD

TO:  jrcecon

I've noted now in several of your posts that you always have
something well thought through & useful to say.  The one you sent
through yesterday about the future of the TS is no different.
I'm of the older generation, but I agree with you ...  I agree
with your estimation of where we now fail, & with your vision of
where, hopefully, we will go ...  if younger Theosophists, like
yourself, stick with us long enough to work to put your forward
looking ideas & ideals into practice.  As a matter of fact, I see
in you a leader of the younger generation we must attract &
nurture in the TS, if we are to survive & prosper.  You sound as
if you've been knocking your head against a wall.  How can we

I want to tell you that I firmly believe that our theosophical
"ideas ....  are more powerful than the magnetism of the
founders." I'm also a karma yoga person, who spent most of her
life being of service, trying to actively live my ideals.  I'm
not the only Theosophist who does or did that.  But you're right,
the time is ripe to do it in such a way as to attract the younger
generation ...  dedicated young people such as yourself.  You say
our language & our way of presenting ourselves needs to change.
Well, how do we do it? What ideas do you have ...  can you

I also want to tell you that, as a woman, an older one, I also
object to belonging to a "Brotherhood." The difference is, I grew
up with men being thought of as superior beings, so now I object,
because I've become a feminist, & then I laugh it off, or I think
"Oh, well, they don't mean anything by it.".  But it isn't "oh
well" to the young women of today.  I know that.  If "they" don't
mean anything by it, that in itself is demeaning.  So I think
that' s something that needs to be addressed.  Not too long ago
John Algeo wrote jokingly what do we call it? "Siblinghood?"
Well, what _do_ we call it? Do you have a good idea?

I haven't come up with a solution to that one, though I've been
thinking about it.

Lastly I need to go into how I feel about the "CWL controversies"
which you say "still contain a large emotional charge." For me,
the large emotional charge during the late altercations doesn't
have too much to do with CWL's sex life.  It has rather to do
with that I hold dear certain beliefs about CWL, and that these
beliefs, without provocation on my part, at first, were poohpooed
and vilified.  I think I'm entitled to the dignity of my beliefs
just as much as the next guy.  As I said in the beginning, I
wouldn't dream of saying anything derogatory about a Catholic
Saint to a Catholic.  I have too much respect for the indivdual.
In my book, that just isn't being done.  But it was done to me.
Actually, I'd much rather have "an equally intense conversation
about the application of theosophy to the cutting edge of this
world's issues." And amen to that.  Such a conversation would at
least be productive.  Shall we start one?

With much Love & empathy


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