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Re: The Future

Jan 05, 1995 07:45 AM
by bill

Hi all,

        At least the salutation said "Friends:" :-)

        JRC's post about "The Future" was interesting to read.
        I'm not, however, sure I know what to say about it.  I
        joined the T.S.  about seven years ago when I was 34
        years old.  Although I maybe half of a generation ahead
        of JRC, much of what was written seemed to strike a
        resonant chord somewhere deep within me.  I'll even admit
        that at last renewal time, I considered (ever so
        slightly) letting my membership lapse.

        I don't know if I have any direct response or rebuttal.
        My knowledge of the T.S., its organization and politics,
        is very limited.  However, I would sincerely hope that
        some of the more experienced members -- regular posters
        and lurkers -- will grab this thread and discuss it
        (without flames please) at great length.  And, possibly
        bring similar topics up for discussion at their local
        lodge and study group meetings.  In my own experi- ence,
        the Cincinnati study group was composed of mostly
        "younger" people and some of the ideas mentioned in JRC's
        post could have contributed to its demise.  If I can
        resurrect the group, maybe we can discuss some of the
        post too.

        I wish I had more to say.  It just "feels" like it should
        be discussed in more detail.  I hope that a thread can be
        started and a useful discussion centered around it.  Any
        takers? ...  John M.? ...  Jerry S? ...  Eldon and
        Brenda? ...  Lewis? ...  Jerry H- E.? ...  Leisel? ...
        any others?

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