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Re: Maeterlinck, Coburn

Jan 06, 1995 09:19 AM
by Olcott Library

I do not know whether Maeterlinck was a member of any
theosophical society or not, but it is generally assumed that he
had "theosophical leanings." Give me a little time and I may find
out some facts.

In Maeterlinck's book _Our Eternity_ (New York : Dodd, Maed,
1914) there is a chapter entitled "The theosophical hypothesis"
(p.  71-78), in which he cites Annie Besant.  [BTW, the book is
NOT available for loan from the Olcott Library.]

Elisabeth Trumpler
Head Librarian
Olcott Library & Research Center
Theosophical Society in America
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Wheaton, IL  60189-0270

On Thu, 5 Jan 1995, William Allen wrote:

> Does anybody happen to know whether the French writer Maurice
> Maeterlinck or the American/British photographer A.L.  Coburn
> were associated with theosophy in any formal way?
> Thanks,
> William

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