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Martin to All; PBS-special question

Jan 05, 1995 12:55 PM
by euser

To all:

Two days ago I read some mail about a PBS broadcast in october
about the OCCULT REICH, which associated the Nazi movement with
the rise of Madame Blavatsky and occultism.

This mail (originally written by Paul Trejo) was posted on the
Interrel list by one of the list-owners for our information.

I have replied extensively to this mail and I will probably have
some more discussions on this topic on the Interrel list.  K.
Paul Johnson, I liberally used some of your information on this
topic (that I read in the talk.religion.newage group in october)
in my reply.  [You replied quite well in that post in october -
it wasn't clear to me then that that thread could be well due to
this PBS broadcast]

I vaguely remember that someone (K.  Paul Johnson, was it you?)
on this list mentioned having watched this PBS special.  I didn't
pay any attention to that short note then, as I had not the
faintest idea what it was all about.

Now, let me ask you some questions:

-Did PBS suggest in any way, implicitly or explicitly, that
Blavatsky was partly responsible for the rise of the

-How exactly was the series of suggestions structured, i.e what
was the line of reasoning?

-What did you do against it? Did you protest/wrote a letter/
consulted your T.S.? Do you know what is done to defend the name
of Blavatsky and the cause of Theosophy?

Need I point out that a true Theosophist has a _duty_ to defend
other Theosophists, let alone HPB, in case of slander or libel?

We cannot let these germs of moral degradation freely do their
work in the minds of people, it will surely hamper the spiritual
progress of mankind.

So, please let me hear about your thoughts/plans/actions and what
has been done already to rehabilitate the name of Blavatsky in
the eyes of ignorant people.

I'm quite willing to share my replies to accusations of
Blavatsky's involvement with Nazistic ideas with others.  Maybe
we should make a special FAQ regarding this issue.  What do you

Martin Euser

BTW, could anyone give me the address of this PBS network?

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