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Different Models of Globes, Planes, Principles

Jan 02, 1995 09:49 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Eldon Tucker

    In this note I will discuss some of the differences, as
I understand it, between the Besant/Leadbeater [BL] model of
the globes, planes, and principles, the model as presented by
Jerry Schueler [GS] (as I understand it), and the model as I
have presented it [ET].
    I still need to discuss the theosophical views on psychic
development, to complete my reply to Jerry Schueler's posting.


    Our physical earth has six invisible companions, each a
world in its own right. Including the earth, these seven
worlds are called Globes. They are in physical proximity to
each other, but being on differing planes, we cannot see the
seven at once. The seven together are called the Earth Chain.
    Do the Globes have their own higher planes? When we speak
of going to the higher planes, are we going to the higher
planes of our Globe D earth?
    [BL] Each Globe has its own higher planes. [ET/GS] When
we go to a higher plane, we are really on another of the
Globes; the Globes are the places on the different planes
where life can manifest itself.
    "... each one of these globes comprises or has seven
lokas, or 'places', or worlds, or conditions, or states, or
kinds, of matter--sub-worlds, if you like; and also seven
talas ... these seven lokas on each globe are the fields of
action of the ascending sub-waves in the racial cycles ... the
various kinds of bodies ... that the race uses ... correspond
in texture and senses with the various lokas passed through,
and the loka which the evolving entity senses is that
particular loka or world correspondent to its bodies...
[Purucker, Fundamentals, 394-5]

    In addition to the planes of existence, and the Globes of
our Earth Chain, there are various principles of
consciousness, including thought, desire, and sense
perception. How do these principles of consciousness fit in?
    [BL/GS] They are bodies on higher planes. Thought, for
instance, comes from having a mental body, a body on the
mental plane. That body is our mind. [ET] They are the basic
ingredients of consciousness, of fully manifesting our lives
in a world. We take on all seven principles when coming into
existence on any one of the Globes, like the earth.
    "The seven principles are not vehicles. They are not
sheaths. ... They are principles when looked at from one point
of view and elements when looked at from some other point of
view. The vehicles, on the other hand, are aggregated centers
or focuses or vortices in which the respective egos live, but
these vortices, focuses, are in each case themselves all
composed of the seven principles or elements." [Purucker,
Dialogues, II, 337]

    When do we visit the different Globes? How to we come
into existence on them and experience life on these different
earth worlds?
    [BL/ET] We come into birth on any of the Globes through
the natural process of taking on a body and existence; except
for the Masters and exceptional individuals, we are not
embodied on the other Globes. [GS] We have already-existing
bodies on the Globes, and experience different kinds of
consciousness through their activities, including dream
consciousness through our Globe C & E bodies, etc.
    [BL] In dreams, deep sleep, and in our typical visits to
higher planes, we are still on Globe D, on its higher planes.
[GS] Dreams are through visiting certain higher Globes, deep
sleep through still higher Globes, and so on. [ET] In sleep,
death, and Initiation, we pass through the higher Globes, but
don't come into full existence on them; we only take on the
higher principles on these globes, but not all the principles
through sense perception and a physical body.
    "... after the death on Earth the Monad passes to Globe
E and there is a reimbodiment short or long as the case may be
there. Then it passes to Globe F where the same thing takes
place, governed by generally identic laws. Then it passes to
Globe G ..." [Purucker, Dialogues, III, 248]

    We also read of different Egos or centers of
consciousness within us that we have developed. What are they?
    [BL] They are the bodies that we have developed on the
different planes. [GS] They are associated with the bodies
that we have developed on the different planes, with each Ego
associated with a different Globe of the Earth Chain. [ET]
They are different persistent centers of consciousness that we
have developed, with our having a different human Ego
evolved from within for each of the Globes that we visit, all
different expressions of the spiritual Ego, which expresses
itself through them.

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