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General Relativity (GR) and theosophy

Jan 02, 1995 08:51 PM
by John Mead

Hi --

few messages come this (Theos-Buds) way these days....

recently I have read in Science some brief comments about two NEW
theories of General Relativity (GR) which are *actually* being
considered as viable updates to Einstein's GR formulations.
Other new theories have been proposed, but these seem to be
getting serious attention.

1) the original (Einstein's) GR equations have been shown to
yield a solution which violates the weak gravity approximations
of Newtonian theory (This is rather new).  Namely -- two
(infinite) parallel plates separated by a constant distance will
NOT attract each other (ouch!!).  This problem solution, is a
real problem; no refutations in sight.  The Einstein "supporters"
claim that such a configuration would require material properties
which are non-existant --- i.e.  don't worry, be happy.

A new formulation is proposed which adds (linearly) another term
which includes the energy of the space-time warp itself (with no
other matter/energy present), changing the stress-energy tensor
from a simple T to a T+t term (the new t term must be related to
the Reimann Tensor T(sub)uvmn (*my* guess), although it was not
stated).  This corrects the problem (so they say), and also
eliminates singularities, such as BlackHoles (always a
theoretical thorn).

2) There was a brief reference to yet another theory formulated
which includes a 'torsional' term that eliminates the above
parallel plate problem.  this theory also eliminates the
BlackHole singularities too.  More was not said.  (an aside --
torsional!! query: do we now have a "handedness" constant as well
as a Cosmic constant??)

well --- food for thought.

oh -- the reason this is in the Theosophy ballpark is that recent
Galileo Telescope measurements have really screwed up (i.e.
confirmed the problem) of the Universe's Mass&Age.  There is just
*way* too much mass (&energy) present.  The Theosophists usually
have figured that the "unknown" mass was a form of Energy as
Consciousness.  the problem has gotten worse for Physicists, but
better for the Theosophical approach that there are "other"
planes of matter (perhaps very DARK matter :-)

peace --

john mead


the question is -- if some people know of some related sources
regarding these theories *and/or* their creators, please post.
It has been a recent matter in my journals.  I need more info.

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