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theosophical novitiate?

Dec 29, 1994 03:32 PM
by LieselFD

To Jerry H-E

I thought I'd made clear in my first request to you why I wanted
to know from you off net what you had in mind, but maybe with all
this cloud of angry emotion in the ether things are not coming
across too clearly.  I was concerned with not starting another
destructive angry conflagration.  I'm still concerned about it,
since I can't see that it would lead to any constructive
purposes.  That's why I wanted to know from you off the net what
you had in mind.  Before there was another whole embroglio on our
network.  OK?

I had said that I was "done with that game".  Sorry, the Hugh
Sherman quote, & my history lesson at the end of it, were a
slight going back on my promise.  I felt that after you e-mailed
your CWL biography, I needed to e-mail one representing our side.

JH-E "...  the controversy (concerning CWL) doesn't go away no
matter how members & leaders protest against it being raised." It
doesn't go away, because people other than Adyar members insist
on continually beating a dead Leadbeater.  If other people want
to continue holding a grudge, as I said before, that's to their
detriment, that's their business.  Only leave us out of it.
We've long since gone on from there, as anyone can see.  We're
prospering.  We're prolific writers, & we have more members that
any other TS.  The latest jewel in our crown ...  "The
Quest"magazine.  I've been in touch with Wheaton since 1963, & I
never even heard of a CWL controversy, not in any book, not at
any workshop, not in any AT, not at any Convention, until I
accidentally came across Tillet's book in our local esoteric
bookstore 2 or 3 years ago.  The controversy is not in Adyar.
We've forgotten about the controversy & we've gone on from there,
and we're doing just fine.  The controversy is outside, from
people who, as I said before, don't know beans about Viraga.  If
they did, they'd agree with me that it's now time, after almost
100 years to let go ...  to forgive, forget & move on to
something more dynamic.

Or to tell it in Serge King's Kahuna terms: You're always in the
present.  In the present you can change your memory of the past
(because that's all you have, your memory as it appears to you
now, in the present) to something more to your liking, or more to
your well-being, or to a more mature interpretation.  You can see
a possible future, and again, you can make changes in the
present, anticipating what changes these may cause in the future.
But all action is taken now.  The past & the future are perceived
now.  To me, hacking around on CWL is a destructive memory, & I
think it would be good for all of us if we could change it, now,
& now end the unfavorable Karma which accrues from it TO ALL OF
US..  Following Serge's system, I've suggested that it would be
better all around, not just for Adyar, GRUDGES HURT THE GRUDGEE
TOO, that we change the memory to something like "It happened
eons ago, the man died a long time ago, let's forgive & forget.
(according to Serge & MLKing "forgiving" is not "condoning").  If
that could be done, it would improve the Karma of all TS's.
Amama ua noa lele wale acuala.  (Amen)

About taking apart Adyar's differences.  I said I thought fences
were being mended.  Are you that angry that you're not reading
what I write?

You say "Life is a risk too".  I've taken many a risk in my life,
life threatening ones at that.  I will take risks, if there's a
possibility that it might lead to worthwhile ends.  Is it really
your opinion that discussing Adyar would be constructive?

Back to Paul's conciliatory message.  Serge's technique for
forgiveness, which in its long form is as old as the Hawaiian
Kahuna culture, includes thinking differently about the matter
under contention, trying a different tack.  Paul quoted the
forigiving formula, but then went right back to the old
histrionics.  They've caught nothing but dissention for 90 years.
I was trying to get us to try a different tack, & I don't think
that's misplaced.  It didn't work for 90 years.  Let's try
something different!

You say you had an altercation with Paul, & you "regret not
handling the situation better." Same goes for me.  I thought I
was trying to stop him, but each message that came back got worse
& went deeper into more nastiness.  Maybe I didn't communicate
well, & if so, I wish you'd let me know where I could have done

With that I bid you a fond adieu.  I hope April is giving a lot
of thought to what role she can play in bringing us all together
into 1 ethereal Brotherhood, & I hope Loki is sleeping as soundly
as Chou chou.  She's perched on a soft back pillow of my couch,
one of her favorite snoring spots.


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