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Dark night of the year, dark night of the soul

Dec 29, 1994 12:43 PM
by Keith Price

We have just past the winter solstice and we are all in for a lot
of dark cold nights.

Of course most ar our reaction are personal.  I enjoyed the
message about Steiner's winter solstice festival.  However it is
a time of death and rebirth on many planes.  The trees are
shedding their limbs.  Families are no doubt very different after
the CHristmas dinner, I hope for the better.  Any many "sacred"
ideas and instituitions will die and be reborn.

However, some reflections are in order about dying to an old
style of liberalism that money from the government can solve
everything.  We are going to have to face a scaling down are
restructuring of the "glorious" social prgrams that were supoosed
to feed the poor people's soul and spirit.  Does anybody really
believe that dropping a five year old child from a project
because he wouldn't steal candy is an isolated incident and we
need more "midnight basketball"????

What can theosophy really offer to these very say problems, that
we hear about everday? I suggest we relook very closely at KARMA.
If we a reaping bad karma we shouldn't blame the conservatives
and fundamentalists, but "come let us reason together on some
real solutions" instead of having an us versus them battle of

As far a political correctness goes, what does it matter if young
children are dying in the street from gang warfare.

My grandmother was found bludgeoned to death in her front door.
She had absolutely no money or assets.  They didn't even bother
to steal her weddeing ring, if drug money was the motive.  If it
hasn't happened to you yet, it will! This is the law of karma.

Compassion should be tempered with rationality, role modeling,
and expectation that a person receiveing food stamps, free
housing, free lunches, free medical care ad nauseum, also has a
responsibility to spread compassion and not just bring their
relatives over for a free handout.

Do you think I would recieve free housing, free schooling., sood
stamps and most of all "afffirmative action" if I were in Mexico,
Japan, or Iran.

If this sound a little dark, it is! I don't have the answer, but
we better get with the program that Karma is a two way street.
What I do to you, you do to me.  Hopefully it is with love and
spiritual growth as the goal..  But how many crack houses do you
think have spiritual study groups?.

By the way I work everyday, all day with emmigrants from Viet Nam
and the Hispanic Countries and I love every minute of it.  BUT

Hapy new year to all!

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