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The Aloha Spirit

Dec 26, 1994 06:22 AM
by LieselFD

My small study group, which I'm hoping will eventually become a
TS study center, decided to have a Serge Kahili King evening a
few weeks ago.  For the occasion Aloha International, Serge's
organization in Kapaa, Hi.  sent me some copies of his little
pink pamphlet called "The Aloha Spirit".  I found the ideas he
presents useful to try to live by, and in tune with Theosophy, so
I thought I'd share part of the pamphlet with the theos-l net, in
the hope that some of you might also find it useful.

(I think I should add that I'm still learning how to use Serge's
ideas.  I'm no Deva yet.  That, however, does not detract from
Serge's teaching)

"The ALOHA SPIRIT is a well-known reference to the attitude of
friendly acceptance for which the Hawaiian Islands are so famous.
However, it also refers to a powerful way to resolve any problem,
accomplish any goal, and also to achieve any state of mind or
body that you desire.

"In the Hawaiian language, ALOHA stands for much more than just
'hello' or 'good-bye' or 'love'.  Its deeper meaning is 'the
joyful (oha) sharing(alo) of life energy (ha) in the present

"As you share this energy you become attuned to the Divine Power
that the Hawaiians call mana.  And the LOVING USE of this
incredible Power is the secret for attaining true health,
happiness, prosperity, and success.

"The way to tune into this Power & have it work for you is so
simple that you might be tempted to pass it off as being too easy
to be true.  Please don't let yourself be fooled by appearances.

"This is the most powerful technique in the world, and although
it is extremely simple it may not prove easy, because you must
remember to do it and you have to do it a lot.It is a secret
which has been given to humanity over & over again, and here it
is once more in another form.  the secret is this:


"That''s all there is to it.

"Anything that simple, however, does need some explanantion.

"To bless something means to give recognition or emphasis to a
positive quality, characteristic or condition, with the intent
that what is recognized or emphasized will increase, endure or
come into being.

"Blessing is effective in changing your life or getting what you
want for 3 reasons:

"First of all, the positive focus of your mind stirs up the
positive creativce force of the Power.

"Secondly, it moves your own energy outward, allowing more of the
Power to come through you.

"Thirdly, when you bless for the benefit of others instead of
directly for yourself you tend to bypass any subconscious fears
about what you want for yourself, and also the very focus on the
blessing acts to increase the same good in your life.

"What is so beautiful about this process is that the blessing you
do for others helps them as well as you.

Blessing may be done with imagery, touch, but the most usual &
easy way to do it is with words.  The main kinds of verbal
blessing are:

"ADMIRATION - This is the giving of compliments or praise to
something good that you notice.  eg 'what a nice sun set; I like
that dress; you're so much fun.'

"AFFIRMATION - This is a specific statement of blessing for
increase or endurance.  eg ' I bless the beauty of this tree;
blessed be the health of your body.'

"APPRECIATION - this is an expression of gratitude that something
good exists or has happened eg 'Thank you, God, for helping me; I
give thanks to the rain for nourishing this land'

"ANTICIPATION this is blessing for the future.  eg, ' We're going
to have a great picnic; I bless your increased income; Thank you
for my perfect mate; I wish you a happy journey;May the wind be
always at your back.

"In order to gain the most benefit from blessing, you will have
to give up or cut way down on the one thing that negates it:

"This doesn't meant swearing or saying 'bad' words.  it refers to
the opposite of blessing, namely criticizing instead of admiring;
doubting instead of affirming; blaming instead of appreciating;
and worrying instead of anticipating withn trust."

This is about half the pamphlet.  Anyone who would like the
entire thing, or a number of them can get in touch with Aloha
International, Box 599, Kapaa, Hi.  96746.  A donation would be
nice, but the pamphlets are sent regardless.

It's Christmas, & this closing quote fits in:
"God bless us, everyone"

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