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Dec 26, 1994 02:27 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


The reason why I bothered to speak up in your dialogue with Paul
is because you stated that: "One of the reasons why I wanted to
join the theos network, was to help come to agreements between
theosophical factions." Anyone interested in doing this has my
complete attention.  However, after following your dialogue with
Paul, and with my experience with you, I'm left to wonder what
you meant by the above statement.  How do you propose to help
bring agreements between theosophical factions?

Regarding my involvement in this matter, I saw CWL as a good test
case for "coming to agreements"--not for the purpose of bringing
agreement concerning CWL's guilt or innocence, the polarization
is too deep and there seems to be no bases for communication on
that issue.  The reason for the deep polarization, I believe, is
because the issue is just a veil for much deeper and more
threatening ones.  Therefore, I had hoped that a dialogue would
continue in spite of the polarization.  I had hoped that parties
would continue to explore the issues, not for the purpose of
convincing others of the truth of their viewpoint, but to come to
a deeper understanding as to how others can hold a contrary view.
In other words, to discover a bases of communication where none
seemed to exist.  Universal brotherhood is not going to come
through everyone adopting your's or mine or someone else's point
of view.  It will come when we all become universal enough to
listen to and truly understand everyone else.  Only then, will
all of the "bogey men" go away and leave the Theosophical Society
to do its important work.

You asked about conflict resolution--if anyone on theos-l has
studied it.  My wife has studied, practiced and taught it, so I
acted upon your implied suggestion and asked her about it.  She
tells me that the bottom line is for people to learn to listen to
each other.  This is the only way I know of for us to "fix up our
karma" as you say.

You say that you are just a member at large--that "the leaders"
should take up this issue.  What makes you think they are any
more capable than anyone else? The leaders did take up this issue
sixty years ago and made a big mess out of it.  Besides, the
problem affects everybody, so everybody should be involved.  What
would you suggest?

Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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