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To K.Paul & Liesel; a suggestion

Dec 24, 1994 01:36 PM
by euser

Hello K.Paul and Liesel,

Besides wishing you a merry X-mas, I thought it a good suggestion
to point out that we better spend our energy on useful things,
like writing letters to persons who state their views in
newspapers, magazines, on radio and t.v., etc.  in order to sow
the seeds of thought of Theosophy on a wider scale.  This will
prove quite effective in the long run, the more so if many
Theosophists participate in these kind of activities.

I'm happy that we have a small group in Holland doing so.  It's
quite stimulating and keeps you involved in the great process of
reshaping the mental atmosphere on this planet.

Happy New Year to all subscribers of this list.

Martin Euser

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