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Jerry H-E of 12-24

Dec 24, 1994 09:16 AM
by LieselFD

Hi, Jerry,

You need to do your papers.  I need to bake some apples before
they get soft.  Well, anyway....

I didn't know that CWL had a formal hearing.  You say "He had
ample opportunity to explain his actions & his reasons for them
--and he did so." What reasons did he give? There must've been
some rational reasons.  You see, it makes absolutely no sense to
me that whatever he did was an uncontrollable compulsion.  He was
a strong healer, & if he'd had that kind of an aberration, he
could have healed himself of it, or, if not, one of his older
pupils could have done it for him.  That's again a statement a
person will either believe, because they've seen such things
happen, or they won't have seen such things, & therefore won't
believe it.  Shamanism is just now coming into its own a little
better.  Till very recently, shamans needed to semi-hide.  That
included CWL.

I'm not at liberty to tell you who said "absolutely not." A
confidence is a confidence.

OK, now let's talk about resolutions.  You say that all TS's
would profit by resolving these matters.  Well, I still stand by
my last paragraph of yesterday.  Let's let CWL rest in peace
after 60 years.  If there's anything else that needs to be
discussed about him to create harmony among us, I'm not even
Lodge President any more.  I'm only a lowly Member-at-Large.  Let
the leaders, let someone else.  I've had my say.  Other people
can build on what I've suggested.  Besides, It seems that after
you've cleared this with one person or group, along comes
another, and there's the same garbage all over again.  As I said
at the beginning of this I'm very tired of hearing about it.  It
seems so useless.  What's the point of going over the same thing,
over & over again? It's like the Karma of a person who makes the
same mistake over & over again, because they don't see what
they're doing wrong, & can't resolve it.  Like a woman who picks
a 2d husband with the same faults as the first one whom she
divorced.  Let's get on with it, let's fix up our Karma, using
whatever tools we have, including those our erstwhile leaders -
of all persuasions - left us.  Let's heal ourselves _now_; so
that we'll be more capable of helping to heal the spirit of the
world today.  That's what really needs doing.  We need to get a
handle on things as they concern us now, so that we can better do
our share in healing today's world.  We have a lot of knowledge
to contribute towards this.  Let's get done with the infighting &
get on with trying to heal the world.  If to heal the TS we ned
to settle the matter of CWL, I think we've lanced the boil.  Now
let it heal.  Let's get on with it, not get stuck in the mud.
Shalom, Peace, Pax Vobiscum, Shanti, Namaste in whatever language
it hits everyone's best vibes, Harmonize our fields!, heal!.

If after all this there's something that must out about WQJudge,
(thank God I don't even know anything about him except his name)
I'm not of the opinion that you have to drag someone through the
mud first, or sling accusations back & forth to get to an
agreement that's good for all the TS's.  Maybe whoever tackles
that one can do it more gracefully, & with a bit more compassion
...  or even empathy.  Do we have anyone on Theos-l who's studied
conflict resolution? I think using people with those skills would
be more helpful than people who read Merck on abnormal psych?
I've been taught that it works better to accentuate the positive,
by both CWL, and Serge Kahili King, the Aloha King.

Tomorrow I'm definitely not debating Theosophy or any of its
subtopics, not even HPB.  I'll be out for Lunch all Christmas
Day, vegetarian or other.


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