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Re: All: Checking In

Dec 15, 1994 02:24 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Dear Art--

Theos-l really has been slow lately; don't know why.  Anyhow, I
don't recall recommending Gnosis.  Was it my own piece on the
Mahatmas you were referring to? I think you have every reason to
fear falling into the clutches of paranoiacs if you were actually
to contact a group claiming to be in touch with the Masters
today.  To the extent that any spiritual organization believes
this of itself, beware.  But no Theosophical group makes such
claims any more, so you can hang out among us without getting
sucked into the kind of weirdness that reigns among E.C.
Prophet's followers.

Sorry I didn't respond to your Steiner posting.  He just leaves
me cold.

In closing I might point out that Theosophy as taught by HPB
really is genuinely derived from the teachings of spiritual
Masters she knew in various places around the world.  There
wouldn't be counterfeit gold unless there were also the real

If you want to explore this topic further, I'm up for it.



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