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All: Checking In

Dec 15, 1994 01:36 PM
by Arthur Patterson


I have noticed a certain lack of discussion on the Listserv
lately and am wondering if all the hardware and software changes
I am going through has blocked me from the normaly interesting
discussion.  I sent a Steiner piece that I genuinely would like
to get some feedback on if possible.  Maybe its just the busy
Christmas Season but hey I miss the interaction.

Lately I have been readind Rudolf Steiner and Silence.  I don't
understand a lot of what I am reading but it is sending me in
directions I have never travelled before.  Some of the directions
I am very sceptical of such as the idea of Mahatmas - I read
Gnosis magazine as Paul Johnson suggested and I got worried about
this idea.  It brings me back to wanting to see the whole
theosophical paradigm as symbolic and psychological I am afraid
of getting caught in a literal brotherhood who tell me to do
things and believe things that are harmful to myself and others.
Any thoughts on those fears or the Christmas piece would be

Under the Mercy,

Arthur Patterson

Winnipeg, MB
Canada R3E 1Y5

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