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Re: Please help

Dec 15, 1994 08:14 AM
by Michael W. Grenier

>>Sun Microsystems is donating $0.10 to a food bank each time an
>>Internet user sends an email msg to any (or all) of the three
>>addresses below:
>>Doesn't matter what the msg contains; it could be an empty msg,
>>full of invisible holiday spirit.  Pick your favorite and send
>>email there a few times.  If *everyone* on the net were to BCC
>>all three addresses with every msg they posted to a list for one
>>day, the counter would top out almost instantly, so this is like
>>a weird and wonderful test of Mass Human

Gee, from a UNIX prompt I can:

while :
    mail <dummy_msg
    sleep 1


 Where 'dummy_msg's is a file containing the message you want to
 sent.  This will send approx.  3600 msgs per hour.

I think this might be a terrible way to flood the internet - so
please don't do the above.

    -Mike Grenier
Michael W. Grenier
612-456-7869          Unisys - Air Traffic Control

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