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Please help

Dec 15, 1994 07:58 AM
by William Allen

Off subject?  Depends on how you define the subject.
Good chance to help.
Best wishes,

> Date sent:      Wed, 14 Dec 1994 09:37:56 MST
> From:           Jack Barclay <ASD003@NMSUVM1.NMSU.EDU>
> Subject:        Re: ho ho ho (fwd)
> To:             Multiple recipients of list HERB
>                 <>

Let's have some internet Christmas spirit.
Put your e-mail to humanitarian use.
See below.
On Wed, 14 Dec 1994 09:27:50 -0700 (MST) you said:

>If you have time, please read this message.
>Subject: ho ho ho
> Want to do a kind thing for some hungry kids this holiday season?
> If not, press delete now.  If you have a heart and a minute, read
> on.
> Sun Microsystems is donating $0.10 to a food bank each time an
> Internet user sends an email msg to any (or all) of the three
> addresses below:
> Doesn't matter what the msg contains; it could be an empty msg,
> full of invisible holiday spirit.  Pick your favorite and send
> email there a few times.  If *everyone* on the net were to BCC
> all three addresses with every msg they posted to a list for one
> day, the counter would top out almost instantly, so this is like
> a weird and wonderful test of Mass Human Kindness.
> You can do your part to help big fat international corporations
> make good on their Promises of donations to charities.  It only
> takes 250,000 msgs to reach the $25,000 Sun promised to donate to
> a Bay Area food bank for homeless families.  Other corporations
> are donating to selected causes, including a banking firm in
> Washington DC that will donate up to $5,000 to the Chesapeake
> Wildlife Heritage (only 50,000'l baby birdies...furry
> baby rabbits...  c'MON now! :)
> Other corporations are participating too: any firms wishing to
> add matching funds should contact Luther Brown at
> <  The announcement's in the Dec 94
> Advanced Systems magazine (pg 22).  Who knows, someday you might
> see companies all across the globe donating part of their obscene
> profits to children's charities in Sarajevo, San Francisco,
> Manila, Mogadishu, Bombay, Moscow, Port-au-Prince, Bucharest,
> Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro...  everywhere Santa stops in.
> Remember: any user can send multiple msgs, so please be counted
> at least _once_, OK? There are not many such opportunities to
> directly affect something with your computer, and it doesn't take
> the Compassion of Siddhartha to see what's good about putting
> food in the mouths of little children with no home, wherever they
> are.
>tim stone

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