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Masters not the issue

Dec 08, 1994 05:39 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

In response to Lewis's criticism, let me make it clear that I
called a particular way of thinking about Masters unhealthy.
This is not at all to say that any belief in the ideal is
harmful.  I accept that ideal as Lewis defined it-- those who
have done and seen more and therefore know more than we.  This is
central to many religious traditions.  But what the Solar Temple
believed was that there is an organization made up of a small
number of superhuman individuals who are in absolute control of
everything that happens on earth; moreover that only a select few
humans are granted any knowledge of these secret rulers of the
world, called the Great White Brotherhood.  And, of course, that
only those few persons are really of much value in the overall
scheme of things.

This way of thinking about Masters is fundamentally opposed to
the teachings of Blavatsky and Olcott.  I think they would agree
that it is inherently paranoid and dangerous.

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