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Re: Masters a "dangerous delusion"

Dec 08, 1994 04:53 PM
by Lewis Lucas

Paul wrote:
> I would suggest that this kind of thinking about Masters,
> prevalent outside the TS as well as in it, is fundamentally
> dangerous because inherently unhealthy.  Delusions of grandeur,
> persecution, reference, influence-- the whole Pandora's box of
> paranoid symptoms-- seem to follow in the wake of any such
> conception of Elder Brethren.

That seems like a rather paranoid statement to me.  While I must
confess ignorance to your reference to "delusions of reference",
I think I follow you on the others.

Let me suggest that it is healthy to be able to accept a notion
that there may be others who have done more, seen more, and know
more than ourselves.  To suggest otherwise seems to me to be
rather egotistical.


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