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Nov 23, 1994 09:11 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Martin Euser,

ME>I would like to continue the discussion about my psychological
division of kama-manas.  Also, I like to connect these things to
macrocosmic principles.  And Sacred geometry and crystals.

Great! My experience with sacred geometry is that it is a very
intuitive thing.  By working with the geometric relationships,
patterns begin to emerge and new meanings begin to form out of
them.  However, I'm not sure that a discussion of those patterns
and meanings would be very productive unless the listener is in
the same space (pun intended).  What do you think?

ME>To JERRY H-E: You see these divisions as consciousness
expressing itself in sub-sub states of kama-manas.  I more or
less agree, but would like to note that the two poles I
established _within_ the human psyche, must correspond to poles
in the macrocosmos.  That's why I compared them or identified
them with the loka-tala poles.

*Expressing* is the key word here.  As to the loka-tala poles, as
I understand it, they can correspond to either the solar planes,
the principles, or to sub-sub states of kama manas.  I see no
reason why they can't also correspond to the macrocosmos, but I
don't recall HPB making that direct correspondence.  GdeP may
have, but I haven't read him recently.  I guess the more
important question is--what is the point you want to make by
corresponding the loka-tala poles to the macrocosmos?

ME> HPB gives an interesting scheme in her esoteric instructions
(oral teachings) which is more or less parallel to my division.
She talks about the loka-tala's as states of consciousness
_within_ man! and gives corresponding principles, elements,
hierarchies and much more.  I think GdP indicated these kind of
things in his esoteric instructions when he wrote about the
sub-sub planes or states of loka-tala's.

I assume that you are referring to ~Instruction IV~ when you say
"oral teachings." Yes, GdeP drew very heavily from both HPB and
Judge's E.S.  Instructions.

ME> Does this make any sense to you? At last, we _know_ that man
corresponds to the universe in every sense.  He is himself a
macrocosmos to the life-atoms that compose his body.  So, we must
not be reluctant to apply the principles of analogy.

No problem here.  I think we can draw all kinds of valid
correspondences not specifically stated in the teachings.
However, behind every correspondence is a deeper teaching that
reveals the exact nature of the correspondence.  It is these
deeper teachings that I try to draw out.

Did you receive my e-mail to you?

Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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