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Martin to Jerry H-E & others

Nov 23, 1994 12:33 PM
by euser


I would like to continue the discussion about my psychological
division of kama-manas.  Also, I like to connect these things to
macrocosmic principles.  And Sacred geometry and crystals.

To JERRY H-E: You see these divisions as consciousness expressing
itself in sub-sub states of kama-manas.  I more or less agree,
but would like to note that the two poles I established _within_
the human psyche, must correspond to poles in the macrocosmos.
That's why I compared them or identified them with the loka-tala

HPB gives an interesting scheme in her esoteric instructions
(oral teachings) which is more or less parallel to my division.
She talks about the loka-tala's as states of consciousness
_within_ man! and gives corresponding principles, elements,
hierarchies and much more.  I think GdP indicated these kind of
things in his esoteric instructions when he wrote about the
sub-sub planes or states of loka-tala's.

Does this make any sense to you? At last, we _know_ that man
corresponds to the universe in every sense.  He is himself a
macrocosmos to the life-atoms that compose his body.  So, we must
not be reluctant to apply the principles of analogy.


I understand that *you* compiled the list of books you sent me.
Thanks.  Does this imply that you yourself are interested in
discussing scientific issues, like experiments with crystals,
formation of the foetus, etc.? Please let me know.


Are you interested in discussing your work with Hodson, regarding
experiments/observations with crystals? That would be a nice
starting point for recognition of formative principles involved
in these things.  Also, Sacred geometry could be involved with

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