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Sacred Geometry list started -- FYI only

Nov 22, 1994 07:31 PM
by John Mead

> Subject: (fwd) Sacred/Masonic Architecture/Geometry

> A listserv had been set up for folks interested in pursuing the
> subjects of Sacred Geometry and Sacred Architecture.  This notice
> is being posted in sci.archaeology, alt.architecture,
> alt.architecture.alternative, alt.mythology, alt.freemaonry,
> alt.masonic.members, and alt.sustainable.agriculture.  Please
> repost it wherever you think it may fit.  Details about the
> group's purpose and how to subscribe follow:
> ================================================
> ================================================
> This listserv deals with the topics of Sacred Geometry and Sacred
> Architecture.  It is part of a larger listserv that incorporates
> interests in sustainable agriculture and Permaculture landscape
> design.  The overlaps between these seemingly disparate fields
> may surprise some of you who join this list via the freemasonry,
> archaeology, or mythology newsgroups, but will probably be
> familiar to those who came here via the sustainable agriculture
> and/or alternative architecture newsgroups.
> Topics to be covered include
> History and philosophy
> Natural proportion, patterns, latent geometry
> Platonic solids
> Ratio and proportion
> Pythagoras, Fibonacci, phi, golden section
> Links between geometry, music, architecture
> Neo-Platonic revival
> Deco-era industrial design revival
> Megaliths
> Middle East
> Asia
> Egypt
> Crete
> Greece
> Rome
> Prehistoric Europe
> Medieval Europe
> Renaissance Europe
> Australia-Pacific Islands
> Africa
> North America
> Meso-America
> South America
> Modern era
> Natural "holy" sites
> Archaeo-astronomical observatory sites
> Sundials and astro-calendrical devices
> Labyrinths and symbolic landscaping
> Ley lines, geomancy, feng shui
> Religion, myth, superstition,  cosmology
> Astrology, alchemy, cabalism, magic squares
> Religious iconography in architecture
> Freemasonic symbolism in architecture
> Pre-Columbian diffusion: architectural evidence
> The first service this portion of the listserv was established to
> provide is an archived bibliography of books on Sacred Geometry
> and Sacred Architecture.  The bibliography is being co-ordinated
> by catherine yronwode, and updated versions will be available
> through SUNsite.
> If you are interested in contributing to the bibliography, please
> send titles and author names to the bibliography co-ordinator,
> catherine yronwode.  If the titles do not appear on her rough
> list now in preparation, she will contact you reuqesting further
> data on them, including a key-word list of contents (to enable
> people to use their own word-processing program to search for
> subject headings) and brief comment on the books.
> contact:
> The second project envisioned is an archived list of sacred
> architectural sites of the world suitable for tourism.  You are
> invited to write up and post to the group brief descriptions of
> or inquiries about any sites you think a geometrician, architect,
> or Permaculturist like yourself would want to see.
> For instance: how many of you have been to The Garden of Eden in
> Lucas, Kansas? Well, it was built by a Master Mason, Alfred P.
> Dinsmoor, and it contains many Masonic emblems and Pythagorean
> ratios within its walls -- as well as being a premiere example of
> "naive" figurative architecture, complete with concrete
> representations of "Capital Versus Labor," "Christ Crucified by
> the Banker, Lawyer, Doctor, and Priest," and Biblical scenes such
> as "Cain Slaying Abel." A "Masonic Mausoleum" on the grounds
> holds Mr.  Dinsmoor's embalmed remains, dressed in his Masonic
> costume, with a glass panel so that you can view him.  Sure, it's
> not on the same scale as Borbadur or Luxor, but what in Kansas
> is?
> Anything else relevant to Sacred Architecture, Sacred Geometry,
> and the like is welcome here, so feel free to pitch in and make
> yourself heard.
> ================================================
> ================================================
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> Electronically yours,
>     The Almanac System Administrator for NCCES
>     e-mail: <>
> Yours for more neat architecture, all over the world -- and the
> brains to appreciate it,
> catherine yronwode

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