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Re: Various Comments

Nov 14, 1994 10:32 PM
by Aki Korhonen

Hello Eldon, and the others.

You wrote:

> 1.   I'm also interested in what you call sacred
> geometry. I'm involved in Point Loma Publications, and
> we publish all of Gordon Plummer's books on the subject.
> (TPH sold the remaining stock of "The Mathematics of the
> Cosmic Mind" to us.)  Some of his books are illustrated
> with hand-drawings of the Lessor Maze, based on all the
> platonic solids being formed within the icosahedron. I'd
> like to nicely render and produce as postscript figures
> some illustrations of the Lessor Maze for future
> reprints. Last year, I posted to the 'theos-l' archives
> the definition of the Lessor Maze in IGES format, and it
> could be rotated and drawn with the suitable CAD
> program. Do either of you have time to look at it
> sometime?

I have plenty of experience of visualisation, animatioin and cad
programs.  I'll try if I can do something.  At my sivilian
service place, an art-design-school we have all the equipments
and computers I can think of.

About returning good for good, justice for bad, eye for eye,
tooth fot tooth.

Victor Hugo handels this aspect well in one of his novel, (I
don't try the english name); there was a very hard boiled
criminal, Vallantine?, after a long period of prison he was
released.  He went to see a bishop, the bishop was a kind man and
helped Vallantine to start up a new life.  Vallantine promised to
be a good man.  Little later policemen dragged Vallantine back to
the bishop.  It appeared that he has stolen precious silver items
from the bishop.  So, he paid the bishop's kindness by stealing
from him.  He was heading for prison.  So much from his promises.
The bishop said to the policemen; " Vallantine did not steal
these things, I gave them to him".

At this moment something snapped inside the criminal's mind and
after that he really was good and dedicated the rest of his life
to help the others.

Peace. aki.

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