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To: Art P. Re; Silence continued slowly

Nov 14, 1994 04:29 PM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Thought you might like to hear some more theosophical poetry.
The first 2 are from a little pamphlet called "The Science &
Service of Blessing." by Dr.  Roberto Assagioli, an Italian
theosophist, psychiatrist.  He was a pupil of Freud who started a
school practicing psychosynthesis (instead of analysis):

       The sons of men are one & I am one with them.
       I seek to love, not hate;
       I seek to serve & not exact due service;
       I seek to heal, not hurt.

       Let pain bring due reward of light & love.
       Let the soul control the outer form,
       And life and all events,
       And bring to life the love
       Which underlies the happenings of time.

       Let vision come & insight.
       Let the future stand revealed.
       Let inner union demonstrate & outer cleavage be gone.
       Let love prevail.
       Let all men love.


"Down from the mountain top I come, bringing the light of Life,
the life of Light.  Into the chalice of the form I pour that
light which life confers, this life which light sustains.  I see
this golden light transform the darkness into day.  I see the
blue of life divine pour through the form, healing & soothing.
Thus is the task performed.  Thus is a man of earth transformed
into a Son of God."

The last one is by Harry

       There is a light that casts no shadow;
       There is a Sound that no ears can hear,
       There is a vision no eyes can perceive,
       There is an energy that requires no production.

       May this Light shine upon you
       And illumine that which always is.
       May this Sound pervade you.
       And open you to that which
       Lies within you, and beyond you.

       May this arouse the vision
       Of that which always is
       And create within & around you
       The Bliss of Eternity,
       And thus the Energy can flow
       Which will always enliven you.

May God bless

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