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Re: education;ethics;geometry etc.

Nov 08, 1994 10:26 PM
by Aki Korhonen

Hello Jerry and the others.

About ethics

The ethic/morality appears in physical plane in actions.  I have
found it useful and enlightening to judge actions in two ways.
First before the action takes place, when somebody has a plan or
a wish to do something.  Then it is useful to ask, what is the
Motive, why?.  Since people always have some motive behind their
deeds.  I think that because of this they do karmic things.
Maybe an enlightened one acts without motive, doing things
because it is just natural to him/her to do so, thus not creating
any more karma.

I think that when you have a motive to your action, you also
create karma, good or bad.

Second way to judge the action is afterwards.  Then we can
examine the result, if it is good or bad.  This is not so easy
since usually in every dees there is good for somebody and bad to
others, thats why they call it 'Maya'.

About not to resist bad; There was some discussion about this
earlier.  Recently I read about Nisargadatta?'s saying that if
you wish good for the others/everybody, you can't fail in your
doings since the whole world want along you the same things.

If you respond evil with goodness, you should always succeed,
since the evildoer has the same wish, good for himself.  So you
are not any more conforting, but going to the same direction.

This is kind of intellectual explanation, I my self like more the

   Peace. aki.

   Arctic Circle,
   Rovaniemi, Finland.

P.S.  My sivilian service at local art/design school is going
just fine.  I act as an computer-support-person, handling various
problems and tutoring cad- and visualisation programs etc.  I
really enjoy that I have an opporturnity to do some beneficial
work, without getting any money, only food, for my work.

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