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Re: various writings

Nov 07, 1994 08:39 PM

Liesel writes:-

> References: Again I know the ones Adyar publishes.  There's a
> real nice one by Geoffrey Hodson, describing telepathically how a
> foetus develops, don't remember the exact title; a fairly new one
> by John Algeo,
> ....
> I'm just having sort of a research quibble with our library in
> Wheaton because it occurred to me that I have all male role
> models, and I thought that as a female, I should really have some
> female ones.  But I'm looking for female archetype kinds of role
> models.  There's Isis, ...  Quan Yin, ...  Mary, ...  Theano, ...
> Kandro Tsering Chodron, ...  Hypathia, [and] HPB.

I think the Hodson book you mean is "The Miracle of Birth".  It's
a unique and special book indeed.  A clairvoyant observation of
birth itself is in the leaflet "A Glimpse of Our Lady" by Phoebe
Payne Bendit, published by the Theosophical Parents' Centre or
some similar branch of the Theosophical Order of Service in
America.  This is a lovely piece - bears on your female archetype
question too.  Just the glimpse of a glimpse you get by reading
it is pretty amazing.  Let me know if you want it and can't find
a copy.

Another female role model you might have heard of is Hildegaard
of Bingen, of medieval times.  She did just about everything.  An
all-embracing mystic.

I enjoy your pieces, Liesel.  They've brought more than one smile
to my face as I sit in the office and read each new missive that
wings its way in from theos-l@vnet.NET.

Murray Stentiford

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