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Re: poison letter; postmodern conf.; misc.

Sep 26, 1994 12:31 PM
by Paul Gillingwater

John Tullis <> writes:

> So - do any of you who have studied this for a while have any comments
> or ideas relating to
> a) the Existance of the "Dark Brotherhood"

They exist and are active still.  I wouldn't recommend that you
pay them much attention.  One of their "selling points" is that
they take a much more personal interest in the occult, rather
than moral, development of their pupils than the Brotherhood
appear to, but it's not attention I'd recommend.

> b) Whether or not they could have contributed to the early problems
> of the organization

There are several references to this in Mahatma Letters, which is
well worth careful study in my opinion.

> c) Whether or not they in fact did so?

This can only be conjecture.

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