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Re: poison letter; postmodern conf.; misc.

Sep 26, 1994 06:48 AM
by John Tullis

One question I have about the above contraversy and other
disputes and schisms among the early members and founders; as
well as just the overall affect is:

The "Dark Brotherhood".  It is clear that all of the early
members, including HPB, believed that there was in fact a Dark
Brotherhood opposing the "Brotherhood of Compassion", or White
Brotherhood - of which some of the "Masters" (2) were the
sponsors for the Theosophical Society initially through HPB.

It appears to me that:

1) If such an organization exists, and it seems that not only did
the founders believe it exists but the Secret Doctrine implies
that it is necessary that it exist (part of the Light/Dark,
Good/Evil polarity), then some of the difficulties, "forged
letters", etc.  could have been originated from members of such
an organization.  After all, modern intelligence agencies do this
kind of thing all the time to discredit one another and cause
problems for one another - the KGB has a premier "disinformation
unit" that specializes in things like this.

2) I seem to remember, but can't look it up right now, that HPB
did warn against exactly such tactics - the "Red Caps", etc.
So - do any of you who have studied this for a while have any
comments or ideas relating the
a) Existance of the "Dark Brotherhood"
b) Whether or not they could have contributed to the early
problems of the organization
c) Whether or not they in fact did so?

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