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Sep 08, 1994 11:00 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


NC> Would you agree with Jer S that the archetypes Jung talks
> about reside in the Astral?  Do you think they have
> cultural/racial connections with us, and that there may
> have been different archetypes that say, the Atlanteans were
> in touch with?  Or What?

I need to go back to Jerry S,'s post to get an idea of how he was
using the word "astral." The meaning of this word was pretty
broad in Medieval times, more specific in HPB's usage, and
problematical in later neo-theosophical literature.  Based upon
what I have read of Jerry's posts over the years, my guess is
that he has own definition for the term, based upon other writers
but adapted to his own ideas.  Anyway, I can't find where he says
that archetypes "reside in the astral" so I'll have to respond to
what info you gave.

If by "astral," Jerry means either linga sarira or kama, then I
disagree.  If by "astral" he is referring to the planetary
"astral" (Anima Mundi), then I think this is basically correct,
but needs clarification.

Regarding Atlantian Archetypes; I would imagine that the images
of the Atlantians had cultural variations of expression just like
ours, but less so.  But, HPB does suggest that the archetypal
images of today can be traced back to Atlantian times.

I did find the following post by Jerry S.:

JS> As for the 7-fold model, psychology
> looks mainly at the lower 3 or 4 planes,
> except perhaps for the Jungian which, IMHO,
> looks at the 5th as well.  Psychology has a
> lot of models.  I personally prefer Jungian.
> I would place his collective unconscious on
> the 5th plane (counting upwards; the first
> spiritual plane), the personal unconscious on
> the 4th, and the ego and shadow each having
> counterparts on the 3rd (manas) and 2nd
> (astral).

Unless Jerry S.  defines what he means by "planes," specifies
which seven-fold model he has in mind, and defines these "planes"
(or makes reference to a published definition, if he is not using
his own), I would be unable to comment.

Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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