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Re: "What's missing from our Talk"

Sep 05, 1994 11:01 AM
by Lewis Lucas

Bill wrote:
> Well, I cannot speak for all of the readers and posters in
> this very tiny segment of the net -- I can only speak for myself.
> But personally, I *do* have a real interest in theosophical
> teachings.

Me too.

> I believe I have already described how I was drawn into join-
> ing the TS -- no need to recall it here.  But I cannot believe
> that it was just a matter of chance.  Jung would have called it
> (Oops, theres one of those "digested ideas of Jung." ;-) ) syn-
> chronicity, others might have said I was just using my intuition
> -- I don't know what to call it!  All I can say is that "I'm here
> and I want to learn all that I can."  I have a *very* strong
> feeling (or intuition) that I was drawn to the TS for a purpose.
> I just have to find out what it is.

An idea that has haunted me most of my adult life is that there
is something really important I "should" be doing, but I'm not.
It sometimes depresses me that having been privileged to learn of
the Ancient Wisdom, that I have done so little with it.

I once had the thought that if I didn't do what I could to help
spread these ideas in this life they would be much more difficult
to come by in my next.  Considering the billions of possible
incarnations and how few of these ever have the opportunity to
hear, read, etc.  about these ideas, one must have some excellent
karma to come in touch with it in the Kali Yuga.

A tale I am fond of tells of a man on visit to his ancestors home
in Scotland, Ireland, or Wales (I not sure which).  While
wandering across the moors he sees a light in the distance which
he goes to investigate.  It is an old crumbling tower.  He climbs
the stairs to find an old man tending a small fire.  The old man
looks up and says, "I have been expecting you." The man assures
him he must be mistaken as he had no plans to come here other
than a visit.  The old man tells him a story of a time when the
land was dotted with such towers, but now all but this one have
gone out.  But, as long as there is still one lit there is hope
for mankind to find its way on the Path.  As they spoke the fire
had nearly died out and the young man looked around the room for
some more wood to throw on the fire.  Not seeing any he turned to
the old man to warn him there was no more wood and the fire was
nearly out, but the old man was gone.  He was left to decide
whether to tend the fire or leave.

I view such groups as the T.S.  as the towers of light for
travelers (to use a Masonic term).  Certainly the one I found in
St.  Petersburg, FL was one for me.  If we cannot figure out how
to light a few more fires in the world, imagine how difficult it
might be to find one on your next trip here.


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