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replies from Nancy

Sep 03, 1994 07:24 PM
by Altadena Classical Homeopathy Education Society

This is from Nancy, Sat 9/3 evening

TO Lewis & Bill re discussion on personal & group karma

Didn't HPB also say ALL karma is shared karma.  If we are truly
inter dependent beings, how can there be a mine and yours?

TO Jerry S re ethics I agree that any path, call it ethical,
spiritual or religious can be ego inflating (just look at all the
religious wars around the globe).  Perhaps our real search is for
a humbling wholeness.

When you say we should (yucky word) be ethical because we want to
be, rather than because of a mental construct, I have a sense
where you are trying to go, yet kama, being lower on our 7-fold
model than manas, may not be the best one to choose.  How can we
tell if the desire is coming from buddhi or kama?????

Additionally, living AS IF something were true, is a wonderful
way to test a mental construct.  For some people it might be a
great deal better to live as if ethics were true, than to
continue fumbling around hurting themselves and others with
unskillful means.

TO Bill and Jerry S.  and Jerry HE re Jungian/theosophic

I too resonate to the psychological interpretations that are
current these days and have a real curiosity about how to explain
the concepts of the subconscious, unconscious etc using the
7-fold model.  Any thoughts?


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