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G. de Purucker

Sep 03, 1994 03:03 PM
by Frank Dyer


>> One such genius, who produced a religious-psychological system
of thought, was C.G.  Jung.<<

I think you are being very charitable with Jung.  Seems like
every time I try to read his writings I get mired down in
incomprehensible gobbledegook liberally sprinkled with
pseudo-spiritual buzz words that people who have never been
exposed to *real* esoteric systems latch onto as their

>> Later, I started studying the works of G.  de Purucker, and
found that I had a much deeper understanding of Theosophy.  I now
feel comfortable with "The Secret Doctrine," but personally find
Teachings of equal depth in Purucker's books.<<

I find that the more I read by GdeP the greater the personal
connection I feel to him and the more I understand the ethos of
truly committed Theosophical work.  GdeP is, IMHO, a seriously
neglected figure in the American TS scene.  I tend to agree with
those who regard him as an Emmissary.  There is some reason to
believe that he entered physical incarnation in an unusual way
that permitsgreater access to the resources of previous
existences in a shorter time than the normal birth process.

Do you have any information about de Purucker from personal
contacts with Point Loma members? I would be interested in your
thoughts about him as an Emmissary, or at least an individual who
had achieved a significant degree of spiritual advancement.

--Frank Dyer

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