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more on principles

Aug 27, 1994 07:01 PM

To Jerry H-E,

Thank you again for your answers and thoughts.

I see images when I close my eyes. What is the principle
which gives them life?  What principle is vital in this
matter. (no pun intended). The images appear in the mind.
Can one say that the mind is manas and that it has a
reflective quality like a mirror?  Then I put words
together with the pictures and call them thoughts. If I
can forget the words the pictures disappear. If I forget
the images/pictures the words disappear. If I have the
power to forget words/thoughts/images then I could say
I have control over my thinking. If I don't think or
imagine, I do not feel, and thus I cannot take action.
Action follows feeling, as you have pointed out an order
in Sanskrit partly: thoughts (kama-manas), feelings
(kama), actions (physical). It would then be important
to have a way to learn and practice thought and emotion-
al control. Control in the sense of being able to forget
and remember at will. I would like to have theosophical
terms or Sanskrit words to correspond to this process I
have described. Would you elaborate on the process that
the Chela undergoes in order to achieve mastery?  What
principles are involved throughout their development?
Will you explain it also in terms of where we are in
rounds, races, etc.?

If I react to stress with the feeling of anger, that
feeling makes me think aggressive and negative thoughts.
Then I say and do things that I will regret when the
emotion is past. If I do not allow circumstances to
control my feelings, and I remain calm, I could say
that I have mastery over my environment. What would
be the principle that I would be manifesting if I
could do this?  Would you say that I have compassion
as I am not prone to upset over the faults and short-
comings of others?  If so, which of the higher princi-
ples is active at this time?  Or is compassion an
attribute of adepts only, or could an ordinary
individual display a higher principle if they
developed the capacity of non-emotional response.
Or would they then no longer be considered an
ordinary person. Are we climbing the ladder of
principles through the rounds, races, etc.?  We are
in the fourth round and fifth race; what principles
have center stage at this time?

I realize that you have given some of the answers
to these questions in your previous post, however,
the repetition will drive the message in, especially
if it is the same answer but in response to a new
question. Thanks for your patience.

Yes I know Brett, but not real well. Please give him
my regards. I met you and April once in Los Angeles.
Brett was there. Thank you also for the update on
your group...........................Sarah.

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