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principles again

Aug 27, 1994 11:03 AM

To Brenda,

Hello and thank you for your thoughts on the principles.

You bring up the topic of meditation which to me is a
very important aspect of The Path or Way, as I believe
it's true function is used as a tool to actually reach
beyond the realms of objective impressions you state as
being <forms or physical, feelings and thoughts>.

You also bring up the topic of elementals. Can you give
me your definition of the term *elementals* and explain
how it is related to the seven principles more direct-

I'm not so sure as you are, about a vast difference be-
tween Jerry H-E's idea of ethics and yours. I can see
your point that of themselves standardized morals or
ethics limit one's understanding in the process of
limiting one's behavior when it is used as a discipline
for spiritual development. Semantics might have some-
thing to do with the problem of not recognizing that in
your posts, Jerry H-E's and yours, there is an inescap-
able foundation of beliefs which I, "right or wrong", see
as a personal set of ethics. For example: If you say you
do not believe in something someone else thinks or be-
lieves, isn't that an ethical "judgment". Are you not
saying that to follow in the way of his thinking may
be wrong and lead to suffering? Because of these ideas
which you express, I am led to believe that it is the
suffer free life style arising from our own self-disci-
pline which you advocate as opposed to the ethics of
others which in turn are correct for them for as long
as it is necessary for them to hold such beliefs.

The point Chogyam Trungpa makes about the misleading
glamour of spiritual speculation is of great value to those
embarking upon their Way.  I have noticed over the years
how easy it is for individuals to be taken in by this one
of the first and biggest stumbling stones on what is in
reality a very rocky road to enlightenment.  I very much
enjoyed reading of the five skandhas as defined by Trungpa.
I think he was a good (truth) story teller.  I especially
appreciate his bringing to the attention the
excuse/justification making mechanism of the "heavy" ego
and the absurd and too common propensity of it to outright

You say <There is a dark side to the nature of man..> and
give your reasons.  You say <After purification, it is my
opinion that the soul powers will manifest.> Would you
please elaborate and give me a definition of *purification*
as you understand it? You use terms such as: avoidance of
anything destructive.  Could you define by examples what
you mean by *destructive*.

Your concluding statements expressing the seven principles
as a means or vehicles to further awareness, was not only
insightful but poetic as well...........Thanks....Sarah.

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