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Principle questions

Aug 26, 1994 03:19 PM

To Jerry H-E,

Thank you for such a full and quick response to
my last post to you.

You say you will use HPBs schema as follows:

Auric egg
Lower Manas
Linga Sarira

Can you give a reference to this particular list?
Is this from The Inner Group Teachings?  Why is the
list on p.632, vol. 2 of The Secret Doctrine
show these seven principles with different names? I
am referring to the (Esoteric) Indian list.

As you express it, it appears that each principle
inter penetrates with the others, yet there seems to be
some purpose in the order with which they are described.
If Linga Sarira is considered the 1st principle, perhaps
I should have asked about that one instead of focusing
on Kama which appears on your list as number 3.

However, what do you mean by, <the focus of kama dwells
in the physical brain>?  What do you mean by the word
focus?  How does the Linga Sarira make the connection
to the physical body? What is the Stula Sarira? Is that
the Sanskrit name for physical body or is there another
name for that?  Where is the "screen" or name of the
principle where the images appear that we see when we
close our eyes? Is that what you mean by the focus of
kama? Please explain further.

You say <kama is concerned with desires arising from
all the organs including the sexual.>  Would I be
correct then to say that kama must be regulated in
order to keep it in balance so that desire in general
which includes sexual desire does not express itself
in harmful or unethical ways.

You say <kama is the vehicle of the animal instincts
and passions.>  Would it be correct to say that kama
IS animal instinct, or does the word vehicle refer
to something like veins which carry the blood through
the body?  The veins being kama, and animal instinct
separate from it?

There are more questions I have on your last post,
however, I will try not to ask them all at once.

I realize that some of these questions may seem to be
elementary, but I am fairly new to the teachings of
Theosophy as it is expressed by H.P.Blavatsky.

Thank you again for your time.............Sarah.

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