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Psychomastery I

Aug 05, 1994 04:46 PM
by RIhle

Here is a question/comment not posted on theos-l but perhaps
related to the recent discussion of Masters: "[Why do you] seem to
sidestep the issue .  .  .  and not state explicitly whether you
believe or disbelieve [that Masters exist or have ever existed]?"

Initially, I have to assume that the inquiry refers to either the
"Founding Guides" of the TS., the "White Brotherhood," or something

I assume this because I think I have already emphasized my belief
that even the slightest theosophical progress of an individual
automatically moves him or her along on a continuum of "mastership"
in the conduct of life.  I mean, what would be the point of all
this meditation, study, experiment, and reflection if it didn't
have the power to change one's perspective about, approach to, or
adeptness regarding things of this world? The improving ability to
live more and more in accordance with the Big Picture is, at least
in my opinion, the Path of Mastership.  What else could it be?

Consequently, if a person calls himself or herself a theosophist, I
am usually willing, on faith, to accept and appreciate the
mastership this term implies--even though the person may be quick
to reject acceptance and appreciation of himself or herself in this
way.  Of what possible use would a reverse policy be--that is,
starting out with the assumption that all the real masters live in
Shambala or someplace and that therefore the person in front of one
has no mastership whatever? After all, it seems to me that the
world is already a harsh enough place for most theosophists: we
probably don't need our own brother- and sister-theosophists
treating us as though our struggles and learned lessons in life
have gotten us absolutely nowhere as well.

Thus, I suppose one reason I seem to "sidestep" the
existence/non-existence issue (Masters in the White Brotherhood
sense) is because there seem to be valid theosophists on both sides
of the belief-axis.  Another reason may be that I suspect that
athropomophized god/godess-figures, angels, fairies, Masters, etc.
may have a "psychological utility" which is even as important as
the fact of their literal existences--especially if in their
"realness" the Exhalted Ones remain remote from us.

Unfortunately, because of "Friday night time constraints," further
exposition of this latter possibility will have to wait for
"Psychomastery II."

Warm regards,

Richard Ihle

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