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more info on Adobe Acrobat

Jul 30, 1994 12:04 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Eldon Tucker.

I called Adobe and got some additional information regarding Adobe
Acrobat.  They will come out with a new release of the product line
in September, version 2.0, a major upgrade.  Information on pricing
and what the new features will be is not available.

Since it's only a month away, I'm not going to put any effort into
acquiring and looking into software until then.

The current pricing for Acrobat reader is $1750 for 50 ($35 per
unit with a quantity purchase). The pricing, though, will be
different soon, and it would not be advisable to acquire the product
now, only to have to upgrade it in a month.

Hope everything is going well with the other work regarding the
computerization project, and in other theosophical areas as well.

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