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Re: White Brotherhood

Jul 30, 1994 11:20 AM
by John Mead

> At this point, I wouldn't ask for proof, only explanation.
> What do you mean that there is physical proof by eyewitnesses?
> Proof of what?

that there was a sizable network of people who knew each other, worked
together, but never meet on the physical plane.  sometimes they did
meet though.  these meetings can be verified.  the bizarre
circumstances leading up to them etc.

> That MB's masts were identical to HPB's
> Mahatmas?  I'm lost.

 good grief, no.

they are a very different sort.  Look at "God Speaks" to see how the
Musts, Mahatma's, and higher beings etc, are networked together.  The
level(s) they communicate through are all spelled out in detail.

I think the HPB Mahatmas were on a lower level and probably you are
right that they needed more physical contact to work together.

This can never be "proved" in the scientific sense though.  But there
is alot of first hand evidence.

Has NASA "proved" they went to the Moon.  Only the Astraunauts
themselves REALLY know.  (and one could argue that they too may have
been duped!).

proof is very bound within a persons' own philosophy.  it is just a
matter of how skeptical you choose to be.

My only point is that you should examine other's claims too, before
dismissing HPB's.  She never created the White Brotherhood.  It has
existed in literature (various forms) for eternity.  Meher Baba is only
mentioned as a "recent" example, which has not been too destoyed by
temporal distance.  just a suggestion.

peace --

john e. mead

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