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FrameMaker4 for EDoc project?

Jul 27, 1994 07:11 AM
by Donald DeGracia

To all interested parties (Mike, Eldon, John Mead, etc.):

I saw an ad in PC Magazine for a program called FrameMaker4 that looks
like what we might be interested in for distributing electronic
theosophy literature.  According to the ad, the program has
multiplatform capabilities (PC, Mac, UNix), supports graphics, text and
charts and has hypertext capabilities.  Apparently this FrameMaker4 is
designed for making on-line distributable documents.  I don't know if
it does indexing.

Does anyone know anything about this program? I am going to browse in
CompuServe to see if I can get more info.  If anyone wants to call and
talk to the company (Frame Technology Corp.) the number is
1-800-U4-FRAME ext 604.

Please post if anyone finds out more info or knows anything about this


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