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Re: Masters?

Jul 27, 1994 07:49 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

There is another side to the fact that the TS enjoyed its greatest
growth and "successes" when faith in the Masters was at its zenith-- I
assume you mean in the 20s with the Krishnamurti cult since that is by
far the highest membership level.

It can be argued that the TS experienced its greatest FAILURES under
the leadership of Besant, inspired by Leadbeater, in terms of violating
the original programme of the Society.  The kind of faith in the
Masters she encouraged was not at all what HPB, Olcott or the Masters
themselves wanted, judging by their writings.  Sensationalism and
emotional devotion to them was exactly what she was warned against in
the 1900 letter.  Even if this is not genuine, there is ample evidence
in the writings of the Founders and the Mahatmas to make the same

What I'd hope to see in the future is a TS revivified somewhat by the
knowledge that the existence of HPB's Masters is firmly established,
but cautious about making them the object of the kind of attention that
prevailed in the early 20th century.  BTW I'm not referring to just my
own research in this regard; Joscelyn Godwin's forthcoming The
Theosophical Enlightenment approaches the subject of the Masters in
much the same way, and other scholars will do so in the future.

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