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hi from the southern edges of the states

Jul 07, 1994 12:10 PM
by John Mead

hi --

Vnet is still working on the problem.
The bug is apparantly very elusive.

There seems to be little reason for the failure
of some addresses to receive e-mail.

I'll try and keep you posted,

I have been out of town for over a week (which allows
them to ignore the problem).

in general....

this is why the problem is so weird.
I can send e-mail to you.
you can send e-mail to me (and theos-l etc).
however the mail sent to your address (the same one I use)
seems to get sent  .... but you don't receive it.

Hopefully ...  it'll get fixed soon.

I'm usually way too patient when I interact with people.
It is time to start really making our problem visible at
Vnet. (which I will start doing today!)

peace --

John E. Mead

p.s. I'll be at Wheaton for the convention this summer.

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