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passing on a message

Jul 06, 1994 03:33 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is from Eldon Tucker.

I received the following message from someone that wants to post
a single message to 'theos-l'. Rene sent the message and asked
me to post it, not wanting to subscribe to the list in order to
post just a single message.


Salue THEOS-L members,

I'm searching a FAQ or Intro of Theosophy (ASCII-plain), overview of
Ascended Master Activities from Blavatzky until Peter Leach-Lewis.
I'm developing the SPIRIT-WWW-SITE
with several sections ie. (Healing, Channeling, UFO, Veda, Yoga) also
Theosophy - I would like to put there some additional infos ie. FAQ or
general overview what Theosophy is and who initiated it, maybe also
linkages to eastern tradtions (Demi-God vs. Ascended Masters) and so on.

Let me know, if you have something you like to share in this way.
Thank's listening (reading) to me, Peace and Light to you.
Rene (

PS: Please reply me direct by *my* email address, because I don't have
    subscribed the theos-l, thank's.

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