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Hyperspace & Black Holes

Mar 24, 1994 04:43 PM
by Gerald Schueler

Paul.  The book entitled Hyperspace is indeed interesting.  It is
absolutely amazing how far scientists and mathematicians have come
using Einstein's basic field equation.  The discovery, for example, of
black holes, is a prediction of his equation (Einstein himself never
liked the idea of black holes.  He also never liked quantum physics.
However, he has since been proved wrong, and his equation right.) Black
holes, although not yet discovered with 100% certainty, are very very
likely to exist simply because so many other things that have been
derived from Einstein's equation have checked out.  They certainly do
exist mathematically (as do the 6 dimensions of Hyperspace - which when
added to our 4 of spacetime make a total of 10 dimensions, which indeed
correspond to the 10 Sephirah of the Qabbala).  Everyone has been
trying to relate relativity (the outer macrocosm) with quantum
mechanics (the inner microcosm), including Einstein but so far as I
know it has been done only in a partial manner - and that largely by
Stephen Hawking.  Hawking "discovered" mathematically that black holes
can grow and also can dissolve through radiation.  He also showed that
their laws correspond to the laws of thermodynamic.  We now know that
they can spin and can have a charge.  I think that an article, if not a
book, showing the similarities between black holes (and white holes and
worm holes) of modern science and HPB's laya centers would be a good
project for someone.  I am not a scientist (rather, I am an engineer)
but I can see a lot of similarities between the two.  I have already
tried to show similarities between relativity and occultism in Enochian
Physics, but my book is in need of revision and update - for example,
the theories of superstrings and dark matter were too new when I wrote
it and thus were not discussed at all.  One possibility that comes to
my mind right away is that perhaps there is a correspondence between
the sutratman and a small black hole existing within each of us (?).
Another is that if wormholes exist in spacetime, then perhaps a smaller
version exists within our selves (or is somehow accessible to
consciousness) so that somehow time travel (reading the akashic
records, for example, or prophecy) is scientifically possible (?).
Lots of other possibilities also could be addressed.


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