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olcott on-line!!

Mar 22, 1994 01:34 PM
by John Mead

> Hi --
> I wanted to welcome the OLCOTT library on-line!!
> also we have the Wheaton headquarters on-line...
> however,  the full Wheaton presence will be active AFTER
> they get their full Internet wings! they will hear now, we will see later!!
> we have sent in an application (trial app only) to get formal study
> group status.  However, it needs to be processed fully
> in order to allow "Dual Memberships" in all cases.
> when this precipitates we will be able to add all Wheaton
> members to the list, WITHOUT jepordizing their local status.
> also the Members at Large will NOW have a plce to reside!!
> I would like to have other Socities officially form study groups here
> also!!  please let me know if I can help!!
> The ability to communicate and listen between societies
> is neccesary for the next step, towards a global
> mind!!
> Peace --
> John Mead

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