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Second Try

Mar 07, 1994 12:58 PM
by Arvind Kumar


This is to acknowledge the receipt of your letter and
the book on 'The Fourteen Rules of Initiation'
that you had borrowed from me.  I agree with you fully
that it is one of the best books that I have seen,
shedding considerable light on the rules for

I met Zachary Lansdowne at a conference arranged by the
Seven Ray University last year and found him to be a
wonderful source of information on Bailey books.
I got all the books that he has written by calling the
toll free number for Samuel Wiser which appears in the
Quest magazine every now and then.  Yes, all of his
books are based on the Bailey material.  He has a very
interesting background.  I think he studied under Haridas
Chowdhary when the California Institue for Integral Studies
was founded. Haridas was a direct disciple of Sri Aurobindo
(I think) and had wonderful ideas for this institute but after
he passed on, apprarently his successors sought accredition
for the institute, which was granted but at a cost of
some compromises (which according to Zachary L. have rendered
the institute a lot less effective. I think he meant that
it had become much more theoretical or academic than what
Haridas meant it to be).

Anyways, Mr. Lansdowne then proceeded to complete an MS and
a PhD in Systems Engineering (I think) and now works with the
USAir Force (if I remember correctly) somewhere near Boston.
He is apparently quite active in the Boston Theosophical
Lodge (which was involved in some controversy with TSA over
funds that were received as a result of the sale of a building
by the Lodge).  This lodge apprently studies the works of Bailey,
at least most of the time!  This is part of what I gathered
by talking to Mr. Lansdowne last year.

Anyway, we enjoyed your visit very much and look forward to seeing
you here again soon.  There seems to be a move to start a listserver
for Bailey studies as well.  I am forwarding a message I got on it
(see below) to you so you can contact Eric directly if interested.
I'll give you info on the Dallas Bailey groups later; got to go
now --

Best Regards/Arvind

> From Fri Mar  4 11:09:55 1994
> From:
> Date: Fri, 04 Mar 94 12:08:23 EST
> Subject: Re: AAB Teachings
> Arvind,
> It seems that there is a group of us now who are wishing to participate in
> the development of the e-mail list.  The following is a comment I made to one
> of the people who have been corresponding with me.  Do you want to be
> included in the discussion group?  It would be your responsibility to send
> your comments to everyone on the group(not more than tenand currently about
> 6):
> Nelda>>> If very few of us are intersted in your proposed list i
> Nelda>>> suggest we just post to each other on a regular basis on
> Nelda>>> our faith/work concerns.
> This is a delightful idea.  It appears to me that there may be a small group
> of us with similiar concerns about the development of such a list.  Perhaps
> we could communicate with each other regarding it.
> I have envisioned the list in two ways:
> 1.  Discussion of various writings that show the practical asepcts of World
> Discipleship.  This is the elimination of the focus on the personal spiritual
> development and the tranference to efforts that will augment the development
> of Humanity itself, in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ways.
> This means that any disussion about individual growth that does not have
> some impact on affecting the group(perceived in wider and wider circles until
> it encomapsses all of humanity) would be discouraged.  It does not mean that
> there would be no discussion of practical aspects of  meditation or other
> things like that, but they would have to be addressed from their usefulness
> in helping humanity and how and why that would be accomplished.
> 2.  A second goal would be to continue to provide an ongoing list of
> activities of individuals and groups  IN THE WORLD TODAY that are doing
> discipleship tasks.  These tasks could include activities such as those
> provided by AFSC, Christian Children's fund, and more esoteric discussions of
> activities of individuals as they impact on the world spiritual growth.
> Necessarily,  some of these discussions might be disputed by others as not
> helping the group.  We would have to remember that just becuase one of us is
> not able to see the connection doesn't mean that there isn't one.
> 3.  A discussion of  literature would be permitted.  Much of this would be
> old(such as the Bible, or the Sutras of Patanjali, or the Bhagavad Gita, and
> much of it might be fairly new continuing revelation such as writings of  A
> Course In Miracles or the Writings of Alice A. Bailey/Djwahl Kuhl.  In any
> case these writings would be accepted for areas that are strict in their
> appreciation of World discipleship, and not in the gobble-de-gook
> discussions af various theology.  It would be up to the poster(and the
> moderator) to determine whether they are appropriate to the goals of the
> list.
> -----------------------------------------
> A Worship Sharing approach would be wonderful.  Individual discussions on
> various points would be encouraged---OUTSIDE OF THE MAIN LIST i.e. via
> e-mail, and small combined interactions might take place there, with
> occasional returns to the main group.
> Nelda,  this:
> Nelda>>> I fear we are more concerned with *my* spiritual path
> Nelda>>> than*our* spiritual path.
> is a wonderful statement, and a great view of where this list might want to
> go.
> eric

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