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Re: end to unkindness

Mar 03, 1994 01:23 PM
by Michael W. Grenier

>Leadbeater is the most kind, gentle, patient, encouraging, thoughtful,
>loving, gracious teacher of theosophy that I have ever had.


The motto of our society is "There is no religion higher than
the truth". I can accept that Blavatsky may of had to
mislead some in an attempt to conceal certain things from
people who are are not ready. I can accept that few are perfect
and I for one make many mistakes. It is not that we are
blasting CWL for his (accused) lying. Rather, we have to determine
whether his teachings are true.

Just as a woman should be careful around a convicted rapist
alone in the dark, likewise we may need to be careful when
we bet our lives following the teachings of a convicted
lier. Of course, in living a Theosophical life, we
may need to be careful anyway. :-)

    -Mike Grenier
Mike Grenier          Unisys Govt. Systems     612-456-7869

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