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end to unkindness

Mar 03, 1994 12:38 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Brenda.

Dear Friends,

Leadbeater is the most kind, gentle, patient, encouraging, thoughtful,
loving, gracious teacher of theosophy that I have ever had.  I would
place him next to Jesus in his endurance of criticism and personal
injustice.  A favorite quote of mine that I memorized after reading is
that we should try to be "perfectly impervious to any attempt on our
dignified serenity."

Please put down your guns, bring your most compassionate thoughts to
mind, and peacefully encourage the thoughts of brotherhood and
religious ideals as he did in his writings.  If we approach this study
with dignity we won't fall prey to the concept that the occult work is
as easy as a "simple refusal to lie," as well as a dogmatic adherence
to the other nine of the ten commandments.  It would mean as much to me
if you said someone is guilty of swearing and can't be an initiate for
this reason.  I doubt if Leadbeater ever said a harsh word about
anybody.  Can you imagine the level of criticism aimed at him because
he dared to be different and pursue knowledge of the inner realms for
the purpose of sharing it with humanity, not for selfish purposes.  If
we think H.P.B.  endured because of her beliefs and teachings, wouldn't
it be a fine emotion to admire that endurance in another, too? I don't
pretend to be a scholar or a diplomat, but regardless of my profession,
there are many who work as I do, with the theosophical teachings in
hope that we may help the work in some small way.  If this is offensive
to you, do you think you should continue in theosophical circles? They
have never excluded members because of their literacy or literary
skill.  All types of intellect are welcome, and the members themselves
decided who are to be their leaders and teachers.  Even if a member
doesn't become a major voice in theosophy, he has the right to speak
out, defend, and give voice to that still small spark within.
Leadbeater taught good solid truths and beautiful ideals, and I will
always love and admire him and long to be like him, even at the cost of
personal sacrifice in the way that "the world" might perceive me.  (I
already see the "naive, irrational, and blinded" insults coming at me.)

If your concern is to bring the outer life in line with the inner life,
perhaps this is worth working for, but at times it may be a decision of
the masters to allow things to take place on the outer physical plane
because the rewards may not be relative to the work involved.  They
(the masters) have defended H.P.B.'s good name perhaps to a greater
extent than they have for Leadbeater.  It isn't always possible to tell
what the adepts have accomplished, only by looking at what has
transpired, attempts have always been made to uphold H.P.B.'s character
at all cost.  Is this what irks you? I would say it's instructive to
see it done both ways: allowed to happen and revolted against.  I'm
sorry I'm not always able to prove what I believe, but there is some
basis to the way my thoughts have formed.  I have read some of the
controversies and masters' thoughts and words.  And I have read
Leadbeater's books which to me are the teachings that lead us to
greatness.  They are very much like Jesus's teachings and embody the
good solid moral qualities of life.  Don't try to shatter this by harsh
words and scorn.  One of the books I am referring to is TALKS ON THE
PATH OF OCCULTISM, with commentary by Leadbeater and Besant.

I do think there are people worth revolting against and that at times a
warlike attitude is necessary, but must we use "kicks in the teeth" to
everyone studying theosophy? Perhaps your aim is to bring as many
unloved human beings into theosophical circles as possible, that if we
are unable to love someone we are in the process of learning a valuable
lesson.  But couldn't it be possible that before the universal love
becomes available to a human being that they be asked to lay down
certain qualities which are inconsistent with altruism.  When a human
being begins to learn peace and to halt anger and condemnation, isn't
that the time when the love of the adepts flows out to encourage them
onward? Doesn't anger and an unforgiving attitude mis-color our
perceptions, too? Can't one be blinded by revenge?

Do you feel that there is some justice missing in the outer world and
work to bring about the justice as you feel it should be done? Not even
a judge or jury is able to make a decision without enough facts.  Even
if they have a limited number of facts and certainties, it may not be
enough for them to decide "guilty or not guilty." They may have to
throw the case out of court on the basis that there is not enough
evidence.  If you prefer to be lawyer-like and insist on justice, maybe
you should study the legal system as this might be an outlet for your
longing to prosecute.  Why can't we just allow each person to judge for
themselves and not speak so harshly of anyone's supposed shortcomings?
I think you're going to meet many members of The Theosophical Society
that you won't really like or ever understand what it is they are doing
as a member.  So whether or not you understand The Secret Doctrine is
inconsequential if you are unable to tolerate religious preference in
the members.

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