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Re: sources

Feb 10, 1994 06:25 PM
by Michael W. Grenier

>        This is from Nancy.
>        Church Universal and Triumphant used to reside in Pasadena and
>        many years ago I went to one of their meetings.  It was like a
>        Broadway production, ...  It was
>        designed to appeal to our sentimental, maudlin, and adolescent
>        natures.
>        I found no theosophy there.  It saddens me to think she is
>        using the name theosophy to promote her theater.

I used to be involved with CUT while I was in college - joining their
Keepers of the Flame Fraternity and visting both Camolot in Malibu
and the ranch in Montana. While there are parts of it that bother me
such as the use of mantras to hold back karma, There are parts
about it that do appealed to more than my 'adolescent' nature.
(perhaps I don't know any better :-)

The use of the mantras, envocation of Angelic forces, Violet
Flame, etc. do have the ring of a seventh ray religion that
is due to enter the world. However, CUT never satisfied the
inner man. The Pearls of Wisdom written weekly
as dictations from the various masters
seemed empty.
They never had the feeling that one gets in
studying the Mahatma letters or the Secret Doctrine.

Did Helios (the great one who uses the
Sun as his body and is the overall director of the Solar
System) really come to talk to us among the mountains
of Montana? A friend of mine claims to have clairvoyently
seen Helios arrive and give the dictation. The talk didn't
impress on me.

Of course, an opinion like this may be due to my own
blindness and not the fault of CUT. There certainly
are those in the movement who believe in it very strongly.
For me, if it doesn't speak to the inner
man, it doesn't have what I'm seeking. Who can say.

   -Mike Grenier
Michael W. Grenier
612-456-7869     Unisys Govt. Systems

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