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Feb 10, 1994 02:15 PM
by Jessica L. Coker

        This is from Nancy.


        Thanks for your BACK TO THE SOURCE comments.  I want to add
        my voice to those who assess material based on its merits, not
        its source. Seems to me that encourages independent thinking.

        I did notice a possible discrepancy though so I put forth an
        alternate point to one of your quotes.

        >> Yet Master KH in another letter (dated August 22, 1888) to
        Colonel Henry S. Olcott again denied Sinnett's claim:

                "Since1885 I have not writt, nor caused to be written
        save thro' her[HPB's] agency, direct or remote, a letter or
        line to anybody in Europe or America, nor communicated orally
        *with*, or *thro'* any third party. >>

        My edition of THE MAHATMA LETTERS indicates the letters were
        written between 1880 and 1884.  The comment <since 1885 I have
        not written . . .> would not then be inconsistent.

        To Ron B.

        Church Universal and Triumphant used to reside in Pasadena and
        many years ago I went to one of their meetings.  It was like a
        Broadway production, Elizabeth Claire was channeling all the
        greats, the music and lights were top notch.  She called on
        Mary Baker Eddy, Jesus, Maria Montessori, and others, to
        support her.  I was interested and surprised to learn that
        Jesus is politically on the side of the Americans so the US has
        nothing to fear.  She showed a video which was a very
        professional take-off on the musical Camelot, to raise money
        for her new HQ.  It was designed to appeal to our sentimental,
        maudlin, and adolescent natures.

        I found no theosophy there.  It saddens me to think she is
        using the name theosophy to promote her theater.


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