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CW Leadbeater and "Mary"

Feb 04, 1994 03:51 PM

by Terry Hobbes

In a message from Paul Johnson on Theos-L today, Paul writes:
". . . CWL served as APS's medium to KH before "Mary". . . ."

I don't think this is true.  In *The Autobiography of Alfred
Percy Sinnett*, p. 33, APS says he met "Mary" in April 1886 and
started using her as the "channel" of communication with K.H.  CWL
was in India from Oct 1884 till Dec. 1889.  Sinnett was receiving
communications from "KH" through Mary starting in 1886.  I know
of no evidence showing that Leadbeater was passing communications
from K.H. to Sinnett before his return to London in late 1889.
Also see Sinnett's *The Early Days of Theosophy*, top of p. 95.
Paul, are you saying that CWL served as a channel of communication
between Sinnett and "KH" *before* APS met "Mary" in April, 1886?

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